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Jet Jongepier - 17 / Aug / 2022

Meet: Sia Aremia

Meet: Sia Aremia
Bushcraftshop Blog

Today we are going to meet Sia, 33 years old, who grew up in Hamburg Germany and traveled, as well as lived, around the globe. Sia is also a part of the Bushcraftshop Team, supporting the team with holistic wellbeing as well as consulting on marketing topics. 

 “I have liked to be in nature since I was a kid. I loved to play and create outside in nature around our house. I lost a deeper connection to nature during my 20s, while being more performance oriented. This is what I learned from society and home, to always do and achieve. I always felt I had to do something productive and could not really find any rest in myself.” 

 Sia studied shipping and environmental technologies, worked during her practical semester in energy efficiency and after finishing uni, she worked on board cruise ships as an environmental officer. 

 “Even though I was still stuck in this performance, I was naturally drawn to doing something environmentally friendly. I just love our planet and always felt humans should treat it more kindly. I really enjoyed traveling around with the cruise ship, I saw a lot of the planet, but also realized after some years, that my health was gradually getting worse. I gained weight, created allergies and felt depressed. I was really not connected to happiness anymore and did not feel any value in myself.” 

 She realized that something was missing in her life, while being surrounded by steel, away from natural rhythms of being. Soon she started to change her whole life. After quitting the job on board she continued an office job as a superintendent for cruise ships, but also here very quickly Sia realized, this 9-5 office business, does not work anymore. 

 “Over time I started to turn my whole life around. I only did what I really enjoyed, stayed with people who I liked to be with, and with this my whole spiritual journey, my path back to myself, started. At the time I did not realize it yet, but I always did long walks or bike rides in nature, even if it was just a park in Hamburg. Nature was my continuous servant at my side, to bring me back to myself, my happiness and joy in life.” 

 Sia was faced in this journey with deeper traumatic experiences from the past, feelings towards her childhood which were unexpressed. This showed itself in having bulimia for a time of around 10 years, from 17 on, as well as panic attacks and social phobia in phases. 

 “I did not understand why I created this mechanism of bulimia inside me. Some call it ‘eating disorder’, but I more see it as a disconnection of and to myself nowadays. Now I know that I was not able to express my feelings and felt so much in my surroundings, which overwhelmed me, that only food could ground me again and satisfy this highly sensitive experience.” 

 She found support by talking with open people she met, looking for support to face these challenges. Inner Child Healing and Hypnosis, as well as body therapy supported her to work through these topics in the beginning, as well as deeper energetic work like Reiki and ThetaHealing® found her. 

 ''Many methods supported me to release myself from all the things that I learned, which brought me away from my natural essence. But honestly, when I came back from a walk in nature, everything always felt lighter. Nature is such a natural healing space.I still love to walk and hike in nature and spend time sitting next to trees and talking with plants a lot. I love to look at all the details and richness nature holds. I love to let myself deeply fall and release all my monkey in my mind at this time.” 

2019 Sia did her first solo hike along the baltic sea. She just packed her backpack, found a nice walking route (MEC 03) along the sea and went off with the plan to walk from Travemünde to Warnemünde. 

 “I packed everything I thought I needed. I informed myself a bit online what to take. I bought my first gas cooker, packed my sleeping mat and bag, a little one person tent and some food. The first day I started, it was hot with 32°C. It was boiling, but still so beautiful. I had planned to go for several days, was dependent on getting water into my water bag from supermarkets, and had no idea where I would sleep, I just wanted to find a spot at the side of the path.” 

 After 3 days with fearful moments over the night time, if farmers would catch her wild camping, with blisters on her feet, she decided when she saw a big rainstorm would come in the area of Wismar, to go back home by train. 

 “60km with myself. This journey really expanded my experience with myself, finding more trust in myself. It was not the first trip on my own, but still, going by foot is something different. Even if I did not take the whole route as planned, I grew so much from just trying it. So happy ever since I just followed this inner calling” 

 Only a year later at the end 2020, Sia moved on her own, because the ocean was calling her, to Zeeland, in the Netherlands, into a Robens Klondike Tipi Tent, with a Petromax Loki 2 - Houtkachel on a sustainable campside, where she also met Erik, the owner of Bushcraftshop. 

 “This time showed me how much nature shows me my true path, of myself and to myself. To feel what I really need, to heal my body, mind and soul. Within this journey I also started to support others with coaching and holistic healing, to change for example belief systems and inner concepts, which hold us in old structures and to come back and closer to our own true being, release the monkey mind and stress, to live a deeply fulfilled and heart-driven life.” 

Moving with Erik to Norway brought the cherry on the top of the ice cream for her life. Living in this wild and free nature, exploring even more wilderness and freedom, inside out, creates the most matching environment for Sia to live in.  

Sia what would you like to pass onto our readers as a closure? 

“Allow yourself to dream big, to believe that all your dreams can come true, if you walk the path of your heart, follow what feels right, and live your truth, without fear of being rejected or not loved. You are love, you are always supported, there is a higher force, call it god, creation or mother nature, which always leads you to your most matching and fulfilling space of being. Allow yourself to trust!” 

Thanks a lot Sia, for sharing yourself and your connection to nature. 

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